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Hello, my name is Amaury and I am the creator of Kiara Online Shop, whose objective is, in addition to offering canine products and others, to bring you anecdotes and stories on topics of interest.

The name of my store comes from my beloved puppy Kiara, an Adorable Siberian Husky which I always keep in mind. Actually, all dogs are adorable and have something special. My main objective with this online store is to express my experience to you and through which to offer you based on this learning what has helped me so that my dog ​​can make her way in this sometimes somewhat mean and confusing world of humans.

This store is aimed at the real lovers of our furry friends to help them receive the treatment they deserve as creatures of deep emotions and nobility.

Feel free to express any concerns about this store and I hope you find its content interesting and that it serves to improve your life and that of your inseparable friend. See you later..!


Amaury Aracena




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